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Major State Legislative Successes

  • Sales Tax Audits– Our intervention with the State Board of Equalization has saved Successes 100 members an average of $15,000 each in the past 20 years.
  • Sales Tax Exemption for Printing – This success led to the exemption of sales tax on all printing that is mailed and contains sales messages. Since 1989 this law has kept $40 billion dollars of printing from leaving the state.
  • Workers Compensation Reform– This success in 2003 resulted in the 60% rates reduction we enjoy today and saved our industry $400 million in premiums.
  • State Health Care Pooling – We’re one of three state industries that enjoy lower rates through state-sanctioned pooling. Our industry has saved $40 million in premiums in the past 30 years with this pooling arrangement.

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