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Hands-On Workshops

These are in-person, classroom-style workshops presenting the latest business and industry software applications. Our workshops are often brief but intensive classes or courses (a series of classes). Classrooms are equipped with both Mac and PC computers. Students follow along as the instructor demonstrates practical tips and exercises for getting the most out of the tools being discussed.

Online registration for all classes closes one business day before the start date. If your location allows and you are interested in participating in a classes after registration has closed, please call (800) 659-3363.

Upcoming Hands-On Workshops

4/29  Python Fundamentals Hands-on Workshops3 days$1,080 ($1,800)San FranciscoRegister >
5/2  Python Advanced Hands-on Workshops2 days$837 ($1,395)San FranciscoRegister >
5/13  Google Ads Hands-on Workshops $237 ($395)San FranciscoRegister >
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