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For quick and easy, internet-based, online classes on business development, business management, business applications, marketing, technical subjects and more. These webinars are presented as live meetings, trainings or presentations via the internet. Internet-based events can be very effective, offering both minimal costs and zero travel time.

Online registration for all classes closes one business day before the start date. If your location allows and you are interested in participating in a classes after registration has closed, please call (800) 659-3363.

Upcoming Webinars

6/27Other Captivate Day 1: Create eLearning Videos Webinars1 day$254 ($299)ONLINERegister >
6/27Microsoft Desktop Excel PivotTables: Data Analysis with PivotTables Webinars1 day$169 ($199)ONLINERegister >
6/28Programming HTML Intro: Understand the Languages of the Web: HTML & CSS Webinars1 day$169 ($199)ONLINERegister >
6/28Microsoft Desktop Excel VBA Programming Day 1: Write, Edit & Debug VBA Code Webinars1 day$336 ($395)ONLINERegister >
6/29Adobe Adobe Photoshop Day 1: Photoshop Essentials Webinars1 day$254 ($299)ONLINERegister >
6/29Microsoft Desktop Excel VBA Programming Day 2: Add Power and Interactivity Webinars1 day$336 ($395)ONLINERegister >
6/30Adobe Adobe Photoshop Day 2: Layers, Colors, Selection & Type Webinars1 day$254 ($299)ONLINERegister >
7/1Adobe Photoshop Day 3: Layer Masks, Color Correcting & Retouching Webinars1 day$254 ($299)ONLINERegister >
7/1Programming SQL Querying Intro: Compose SQL Queries to Retrieve Data Webinars1 day$229 ($269)ONLINERegister >
7/9Adobe Adobe Photoshop Day 2: Layers, Colors, Selection & Type Webinars1 day$254 ($299)ONLINERegister >
7/23Adobe Adobe Illustrator Day 1: Illustrator Essentials Webinars1 day$254 ($299)ONLINERegister >
8/25Other Webinar: Mega Trends Driving the Print Industry Webinars90 min ONLINERegister >
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