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123RF Stock Photography

A Program in Our Group Discount Suite

Professional Stock Photos

123RF.com Stock Photography

VMA has partnered up with 123RF.com and can offer VMA members a 20% discount on the already best priced high quality stock collection available. 123RF is a royalty-free digital media library that offers a wide variety of budget-friendly commercial and editorial images, video footage, audio clips, logo designs and illustrations. From its humble beginnings in 2005, 123RF now ranks as the leading global provider of content. Search and download from millions of HD stock photos, royalty free images, cliparts, vectors and illustrations with 123RF.com.

VMA members can use a special discount code during checkout to instantly enjoy 20% extra credits or 20% discount on subscriptions. Please contact VMA for the discount code. To learn more visit www.123RF.com.


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Harold Abrego
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Sue Benavente


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