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Cash Management Suite

Help Your Cash Flow; Use Our Cash Management Services

Having Trouble with Your Cash Flow?

VMA Cash Management Solutions is designed to help you minimize bad debt write-offs. We help you avoid bad credit risks, on the front end. And we help you collect from delinquent accounts on the back end. Our exclusive Slow Pay program collects delinquent account information anonymously reported by other members and reports it back in our monthly VMA Sheet report.

Experian Reports

Experian credit reports are another important tool in your defense against the catastrophic credit loss. Protect your company against bad debts and potential late-payers.
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SlowPay Credit Reporting

Slow Pay is a bad debt warning system that features a monthly list of deadbeat customers shared by participating members in our industry.
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Collection Services

We have a reliable collection service ready to help you recover your money.
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