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Human Resources Suite

Let VMA provide you with some of the resources needed to run your business. We've got an HR expert to answer your questions, a sample Employee Handbook that you your can modify to suite YOUR company, and a library of HR publications. We'll help you find employees (whether it's temp or long-term) and we have a payroll service as well as a credit union also available.

HR Consultant

Our human resource expert is available to address all of your human resource situations including hiring, terminations, leave, discrimination, wage and salary administration and is available for on-site training and consultation via our hotline.
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ThinkHR – Put an HR program right on your computer through ThinkHR, provided to you at no cost. ThinkHR provides a complete program for: compliance, safety resources, webinars, questions and answers, employee handbooks, and forms, just to name a few. (check it out at thinkhr.com)
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VMA's Find-an-Employee Service is a local, free service for all those looking for employees in the creative, web, marketing and print businesses in Northern California. Post your opening and view resumes.
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Temp Staffing - Semper

Need skilled personnel for short term or long term flexible staffing, trial to hire, and direct hire placement? Temporary and Flexible staffing through Semper International might be the perfect solution. Plus VMA membbers get a discount.
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Payroll - Trax Payroll

Powered by Trax, the Bay Area’s largest independent payroll provider since 1990, our program is customized for our industry and tailored to serve our members' needs - from the smallest to the largest size companies.
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Wage Survey

The VMA Wage and Business Conditions Survey is our annual survey providing data on wages for management and production positions
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Employee Handbook

The PIC Sample Employee Handbook is a word document that allows the company to choose between different options for a policy, insert their level of benefits such as vacations or holidays; and indicates what policies are optional or mandatory, according to laws and regulations. It also includes editor's notes giving direction to companies on various employment policies.
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Library: Human Resources

The Human Resources section of our Library includes special info on topics like: employee review/discipline, firing, hiring (applicaiton forms, immigration, interviewing), Leave of Absences, required posters, safety, sexual harrassment, wage and hour issues.
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