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Financial Management Suite

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Intelligence for your business.

Best Business Practices

The Best Business Practices in our Library include special information on topics like: mergers, succession, sales, capital budgeting, pricing strategies and best business practices. Additional info includes Sales & Use tax, our Blue Book of Production Standards, annual Computer Management Information Systems (MIS) vendors comparison, our Disaster Recovery Workbook, Terms and Conditions of Sale info and more.
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Company Buy/Sell

Looking to Buy/Sell/Merge? We have an increasing number of calls from owners looking to grow their business through a merger, sell the company or sometimes just to sell the book of sales to another firm. The trick is to find the right firm in the right situation with the right equipment. We can help. List your requirements with us in the strictest of confidence.
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National Conferences

These conferences are a great place to network and collaborate with your peers and meet other industry leaders, while you learn from industry experts.
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VMA offers access to a variety of experts who can help you better manage and grow your business. You can talk to our:
  • Human Resources expert for information on employment rules, benefits and practice
  • Sales and Marketing expert for sales compensation plans, self promotion and marketing strategies
  • Environmental and Safety expert about regulation compliance and safety issues
  • Sales and Use Tax expert to make sure that you are charging and reporting tax correctly
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