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Group Discount Suite

An Exclusive Member Program

VMA has made arrangements with many companies — companies you use in running your business — to provide discounts on their products and services to our members. VMA uses the buying power of its 800 plus member companies to negotiate much better discounts than most members would be able to achieve negotiating on its own.

Receive substantial savings on products and services you’ll use every day. Using just one or two of these discounts may cover your cost of membership.


You AND your employees can save money on virtually all Apple products online.
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CardConnect Credit Card Processing

Save money on expensive credit card processing fees through CardConnect. This program is designed to save time and money for all members, regardless of company size or processing volume.
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FedEx delivers value, reliability and proven performance. You are eligible for special member benefits to help you save money on the products and services you need, including special discounts on select FedEx® and FedEx OfficeSM services.
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FSC Certification

FSC Certification is now more affordable through the VMA group certification program.
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PaperSpecs is the first online paper database specifically developed for the design/print industry. All the variable information you need to know related to paper is where you need it, when you need it
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Performance Plus Global Logistics

VMA members receive major savings on freight costs.
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Shop Towels

Get member-pricing on shop towels from our rep at Prudential Overall Supply.
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UPS Discount Program

With UPS and your VMA membership benefits, you can take advantage of special discounts on shipping. Whether it's overnight letters across the country or international shipping around the world, you'll start saving with the first package you send.
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Our exclusive purchasing agreement guarantees PINC members preferred pricing on the sale or lease of a range of Xerox products:
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Other Discounts

As a VMA member, you reap the benefits of being part of a large group which can often negotiate better prices than you'd receive as an individual firm.
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