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Preference for Print

Government Affairs

The tools and resources to help creative, web, marketing and print businesses convey the importance of print to the media, your customers, the government, and other industries.

Truth about Print

Communicating the Truth about Print
Print is often criticized for its loss of value and importance in the market, as well as its impact on the environment. It is essential to convey the message that print is important to brand recognition and the sales process, and that we are an environmentally and socially responsible industry. PIA has special tools and resources available for you on their website page Communicating the Truth about Print.
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The Print Council

The Print Council: For the Promotion of Printing and Print Media
The Print Council is a business development alliance dedicated to promoting the greater use of print media. Formed by leaders across the spectrum of the graphic arts industry, The Print Council's goal is to influence and promote the greater use of print media through education, awareness, market development, advocacy and research. To support this mission, The Print Council is funding a new website, Print in the Mix - A Clearinghouse of Research on Print Media Effectiveness. Print in the Mix is managed at Rochester Institute of Technology and supported by six universities from around the US and Canada.
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Print in the Mix

Print in the Mix: A Clearinghouse of Research on Print Media Effectiveness brings together valuable information and research from a wide-range of credible sources on the role and effectiveness of print in the marketing media mix. Covering all areas of print, including direct mail, magazines, custom publishing, newspapers, and more, Print in the Mix’s concise facts and top-line research summaries demonstrate print’s effectiveness and role in generating return on investment -- alone and working synergistically with other media to drive results
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