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Experian Reports

A Program in Our Cash Management Suite

Have you taken a credit loss that you could have avoided?
But what if that debt really could have been avoided?

Our Reports Insure against the catastrophic credit loss

In this economic environment, credit reports have never been so important. VMA is pleased to announce an improvement both in price and ease of access to reports with Experian.

You can access these reports from Experian directly without having to order these discounted reports through VMA. Click here and simply enter the company name, city and state to see what’s available. Registration and payment are handled directly on the VMA version of their site, at SmartBusinessReports.com.

The other feature of this new program is the reduced member pricing.

  • Profile Plus, which features a credit score and trade payment details is $35 member rate.
  • The Credit Score report has been reduced to $17 member rate.

  • Key Benefits


    Reports are discounted for members and available on a one-at-time basis.


    Business Profile includes an executive Summary, Historical payment guide, significant derogatory data, days beyond terms and actual payment experience.

    Easy to Trigger

    You can click on box on-line for a company you're already reporting for Slow Pay. Or, you can email or phone us with the account information. We will bill your firm on our membership invoice.

    Fast Results

    Orders are processed daily, usually within an hour.


    Call VMA!

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    Sue Benavente


    (415) 489-7622

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