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SlowPay Credit Reporting

A Program in Our Cash Management Suite

Have you granted credit to customers you should have avoided?
Does the industry identify that individual that sticks one printer after another?
Wish there’s a way for printers to share credit information across the country?

An essential credit check tool, available free to subscribing members

Slow Pay is an industry-wide reporting system that identifies customers who are problem payers. Members report their bad debts to our password-protected website for viewing by all other subscribing members. The result is the VMA Sheet, .a confidential composite bad debt warning list that is mailed to participating members every month. Local and national information can be viewed on-line anytime.

Slow Pay is a bad debt warning system that feature a monthly list of deadbeat customers shared by participating members.

Key Benefits

Essential Reading

Hundreds of accounts are listing, many listed multiple times, reported by multiple printers.

Information shared locally and nationally

Subscribing members see bad debts reported by local members as well as by members in Southern California and throughout the nation. Historical information is also available to see if a particular prospective customer ever had a credit problem.

Secure Access, Available 24/7

Reporting is all in real time with no delay. Your access is secured by a password of your choosing.

It’s Free!

This is a complimentary service for members of the association, but requires registration as a subscriber. More than one person per member company can subscribe.

Optional Services Just a Click Away

Special member-only rates on two versions of the Experian credit reports. A Demand Letter from an attorney is also available for $10.


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