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Collection Services

A Program in Our Cash Management Suite

Is your cash flow struggling because your customers aren't paying your invoices on time?
Tired of fixing your own plumbing? Use our professionals that do this every day.

Get Your Money! Let Us Collect For You!

We offer two debt recovery solutions for our members. AGA and Printing Industries Association Collection Service (PIACS).

Our newest provider is AGA, a national organization with the highest recovery rates in the industry all the while maintaining high ethical standards. AGA uses technology to make it easy for clients to place claims and to perform their services in a transparent and timely manner. Rates are industry standard and start at 25% for the first $3000 and 20% on the excess.

Our second provider is Printing Industries Association Collection Service (PIACS), provided by our sister association in LA, which charges 18% to 33%. Other than possible court and other fees, the contingency commissions are charged only if the debt is collected.

Key Benefits

Industry Focused

Both agencies specialize in the Printing Industry; PIACS, exclusively so.

Excellent Rates

Both provide members with fair fee schedules.


You choose! Try both and decide which you prefer to work with.


Call VMA!

Vendor Contact:

Sam Fensterstock
(631) 719-8096

Leo O'Biecunas
(323) 728-9500

Staff Contact:

Sue Benavente


(415) 489-7622

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