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HR Consultant

A Program in Our Human Resources Suite

Ever wish you had a full time human resources expert on staff?
Did you get the best advice with you last hire?
Are you at risk of a wage and hour violation or wrongful termination?

Our Human Resource Hotline is a Complimentary Member Service

Our human resource expert, Richard Lord, is available to address all of your human resource situations including hiring, terminations, leave, discrimination, wage and salary administration. He is available for on-site training and consultation via our hotline.

Richard Lord, VMA’s new HR consultant, is the founder and principal consultant for Solutions Human Resource Group, Fresno. Richard has extensive knowledge in the administration of human resources and employee benefits gained through four decades of hands-on experience. Over the course of his career he has planned and led the development of all major focus areas within Human Resources. This includes work in employee benefits, vompensation, wage and hour administration, employee relations and recruitment. In addition, VMA members also have access to human resource assistance through Doug Moore and PIA’s Jim Kyger.

Key Benefits

Follow-up with Resource Materials

Many situations require specific written explanations or back-up compliance documentations. Katia has organized these materials for our members use

20 Minute Assessment Available

We have developed a 20 minute assessment to determine your level of compliance with best human resource practices and will result is a letter grade. Again this service is complimentary.

On-site Supervisory Training

Another popular program is our onsite supervisory training.

Employee Handbook Assistance

Our HR expert can also review your employee handbook.


Call VMA!

Staff Contact:

Richard Lord


(800) 659-3363

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