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Supplemental Insurance

A Program in Our Human Resources Suite

Want to Offer Employee-Paid Benefits as a Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction?

Let Your Employees Choose the Option of an Additional Level of Coverage

Just a 15 minute in-shop presentation by Greg Golin, dedicated and certified group benefits specialist for VMA members. Colonial handles the administration -- no burden on your HR or Personnel departments

Key Benefits

The Benefit That Goes With You

Portable -- employees (and their dependents) may take the benefits and continue personally paying for them after they leave the company

Reduce Taxes

Pre-tax payroll deduction (both employer and employee pay less tax)


Works with Section 125 and Flexible Spending Accounts


Call VMA!

Staff Contact:

Greg Golin of Colonial
VMA members' dedicated and certified group benefits specialist, (650) 274-4734
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