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A Program in Our Financial Management Suite

When You Need Expert Advice.

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VMA offers access to a variety of experts who can help you better manage and grow your business. You can talk to our experts on Human Relations, Government Affairs, Company Buy/Sell/Merge and PIA’s Technical Hotline.

VMA offers access to a variety of experts who can help you better manage and grow your business.

Key Benefits

Human Resources

Our human resource expert is available to address all of your human resource situations including hiring, terminations, leave, discrimination, wage and salary administration. He is available for on-site training and consultation via our hotline. Contact: Doug Moore (415) 243-8126, doug@piasc.org

Government Relations

Business taxes! Employee mandates! Insurance benefits! Workers’ compensation rates! Environmental regulations! These are all issues that consume your time and affect your bottom line. That’s why the Government Relations Department is a vital PINC service. We represent your interests before legislative and regulatory bodies in all areas that affect the bottom line of your business. Contact Gerry Bonetto (415) 243-8126, gerry@piasc.org

Company Buy/Sell/Merge

List your situation with us in the strictest of confidence. We will discuss your situation and write a blind listing for our publications. Contact Dan Nelson (415) 489-7617 dan@pinc.org

Technical Hotline

Where do printers turn for answers to unusual technical questions? Printing Industries of America members can turn to the Technical Inquiry Desk. This free telephone consulting service has given countless member printers immediate help for technical and/or production problems. Typical inquiries include ink and coatings, paper stock, image register, plates, and other prepress, printing, and bindery issues. Technical inquiries concerning MIS and prepress have increased significantly in the last few years. PINC members can call 1-800-910-4283


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Staff Contact:

Dan Nelson


(415) 489-7617

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