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Shop Towels

A Program in Our Group Discount Suite

Keep clean AND comply with the environmental regs

Get member discounts on shop towels, uniforms and industrial supplies.

Our cleaning shop towel program offers printers competitive prices and state-of-the-art environmental compliance technology with Prudential Overall Supply.

Key Benefits


As low as 6 cents for shop towel cleaning – depending on total weekly volume.

Environmentally Correct

Prudential Overall Supply is environmentally conscious and dedicated to providing VMA members with superior products and service.

More than Towels

Ask about the assortment of uniform styles and colors. Don’t forget the paper products!

PIA Pricing List 2008 (Good til 2011)

Pricing is guaranteed for the first 12 months of agreement. Thereafter, prices may be adjusted annually by a maximum of 3%. However, prices may be adjusted at any time based on justified cost increase to Prudential Overall Supply as mutually agreed upon.


Call VMA!

Vendor Contact:

Prudential Overall Supply:
Ashley Carroll
call (619) 787-1845

Staff Contact:

Sue Benavente


(415) 489-7622

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