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Xerox Printing Equipment and Supplies

A Program in Our Group Discount Suite

Want an easy way to get major savings on Xerox products and supplies

Transforming business

Xerox provides members with a specially negotiated contract price on equipment and supplies. This covers new purchases, plus it allows for trade-in credit and affordable leasing terms.

Our exclusive purchasing agreement guarantees VMA members preferred pricing on the sale or lease of a range of Xerox products:

Key Benefits

Special Savings

Members are given the opportunity to work with their local Xerox representative and receive special savings on equipment and products such as:*

  • DocuTech Publishing Series *
  • DocuColor Series *
  • iGen3 *
  • High-volume duplicators *
  • Digital color copiers/printers

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    All Xerox products are covered by the unprecedented Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG). The TSG allows you to decide whether you’re satisfied with the performance of your Xerox product.

    Helps you streamline your processes

    Xerox also offers enhancements for the way projects move, from beginning to end, through the organization. The Xerox Workflow Framework helps you streamline your processes from creation to fulfillment. It can facilitate administrative functions like estimating, ordering, and billing, as well as managing the actual job—including scheduling and data—increasing your efficiency without requiring a reinvestment. Retrofit your current workflow and reap the rewards.

    Get Started
    As a company-level member of VMA, you are also automatically a member of the Printing Industries of America (PIA). This discount is offered through PIA's National Buying Power Program. For more details and access to the discount, click here. You can also call (800) 910-4283 x837 (Eastern TIme). So enroll today and benefit from the Power.


    Call VMA!

    Vendor Contact:

    Chrystal Kapanyko
    (800) 910-4283 x736

    Staff Contact:

    Jim Frey


    (415) 489-7615

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