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Showcase Awards

A Program in our Promote My Company Suite

Need help getting the quality message across?
Do you stand out among the competition?
Are you proud of that piece you just created?

Promote Excellent Print Production and Design

Compete with the best of the best in Northern California and gain recognition for your excellent work amongst the creative community, your clientele, and your employees in the 18th annual juried awards competition. Visit www.vmashowcase.com for more information on how to enter and to view past winners.

Key Benefits

Communicate Quality

You’ve seen their customer lobbies… Hundreds of Northern California creative, web, marketing and print businesses line their walls with the framed plaques from their winning entries. Or, just to have a few sends a strong message too.

Employees and Vendors Too

Don’t forget the other players on your team, your employees and vendors. They benefit from the “winning” message also.

Self-Promotion Kit

Participants also receive our promotion kit which lists the ways you company can broadcast you winning message to a larger audience.

Get Ready To Enter

Okay, you have a bunch a pieces that you really proud of, but can get it together to fill out the form and send it. Call us up, we’ll make it easy for you, including pick-up.


Call VMA!

Staff Contact:

Laura Vargas


(415) 489-7625

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