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Name: InDesign Fundamentals
Date: 10/16/2017, 2 day(s)
Time: 9am-4pm
Place: San Jose, 2350 Mission College
Price: Member - $556
Non-Member - $695

Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard software application for graphic design and layout for print or web production. This InDesign Fundamentals training in San Jose will give you the practical perspective and hands-on training required to gain proficiency with InDesign's core design, typographic and publishing features. In this class, you will learn to:

  • Rapidly master the basics of InDesign.
  • Create complex documents, including magazines and books, for print or web publication.
  • Separate text editing and design tasks with InDesign's powerful Story Editor.
  • Apply styles and master pages for a consistent look and feel across documents.
  • Employ text frame threading to manage the flow of text throughout a longer document.
  • Understand the power of object grouping to simplify the revision process.
  • Apply document templates and layout management techniques to avoid unnecessary repetition.
  • Keep frequently-used colors, gradients and tints accessible with a custom palette of InDesign "swatches."
  • Streamline your work flow with "snippets" and object libraries.
  • Allow InDesign to automatically manage object spacing to lessen the need for manual positioning.
  • Manually or numerically transform the position and size of an object.
  • Use "layout comps" to simultaneously compare multiple versions of a document.
  • Exert precision control over a document's typography precisely with leading, composition, hyphenation and justification.
  • Learn shortcuts to accomplish more, faster with InDesign.
  • Index long documents for improved usability and faster navigation.
  • Automate updates to footnotes, endnotes and tables of contents.
  • And many more topics! See full outline for InDesign training.

9/244 evenings$556 ($695)601 MontgomeryRegister >
9/244 evenings$556 ($695)2350 Mission CollegeRegister >
10/12 days$556 ($695)2350 Mission CollegeRegister >
10/12 days$556 ($695)601 MontgomeryRegister >
10/112 days$556 ($695)180 Promenade CircleRegister >
10/172 days$556 ($695)601 MontgomeryRegister >
10/172 days$556 ($695)2350 Mission CollegeRegister >
10/224 evenings$556 ($695)2350 Mission CollegeRegister >
10/224 evenings$556 ($695)601 MontgomeryRegister >
10/292 days$556 ($695)601 MontgomeryRegister >
10/292 days$556 ($695)2350 Mission CollegeRegister >
11/132 days$556 ($695)180 Promenade CircleRegister >
12/182 days$556 ($695)180 Promenade CircleRegister >
Date Duration Member/
10/16 2 day(s) $556/ $695 San Jose, 2350 Mission College Register >
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