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Name: SQL Scripting Fundamentals
Date: 02/14/2018, 2 day(s)
Time: 9am-4pm
Place: San Jose, 2350 Mission College
Price: Member - $556
Non-Member - $695

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the universal standard for modern database systems. Understanding SQL means knowing how to powerfully manipulate data in a wide variety of databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, and MS Access. SQL statements follow an English-based syntax and allow you to efficiently retrieve, input and update data.

The AcademyX SQL training in San Jose gives you the ability to unleash the full power of your databases and the data they contain. You'll get to work with real-world examples of writing SQL scripting commands, functions, and table transactions. By the end of our SQL class, you will feel confident creating, manipulating and aggregating SQL scripts to effectively manage your data. This SQL class will teach you how to:

  • Create tables with names, data types, and primary keys that make sense for your data
  • Create records in the database
  • Keep your data current in an efficient way using the UPDATE and WHERE commands
  • Implement syntax differences for different data types
  • Delete records when they are no longer needed
  • Get answers to specific questions about your data using the SELECT command
  • Get results using SQL functions
  • Integrate triggers to help keep track of data changes
  • and much more! See full outline for SQL training

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Date Duration Member/
02/14 2 day(s) $556/ $695 San Jose, 2350 Mission College Register >
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