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Name: Excel VBA
Date: 02/13/2019, 2 day(s)
Time: 9am-4pm
Place: Sacramento, 180 Promenade Circle
Price: Member - $417
Non-Member - $695

Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) combines Microsofts broadly accepted Basic language with its industry-standard Excel spreadsheet application, so you can develop interactive spreadsheets that meet the demands of your organization.

Excel VBA is essential for automating repeated operations, such as performing a calculation over consecutive rows or columns, as well as generating reports that are dynamically updated based on your changing statistics.

Once you take the Excel VBA training class you will be able to apply your VBA programming knowledge to other MS Office products, such as MS Access.

Our Excel VBA training goes beyond the basics, showing you how to take full advantage of VBA in creating richly featured spreadsheet applications. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Edit, record and run macros in the VBA development environment
  • Create functions and procedures that leverage Excel’s built-in features
  • Use object-oriented techniques to create code you can reuse in other applications
  • Modify rows and columns by changing properties, events, and methods
  • Automate controls such as forms, text boxes, command buttons, and frames
  • Access and modify PivotTables to handle complex data
  • Write error-handling routines that deal with any unforeseen situation
  • Employ the built-in debugger to step through code and quickly locate problems
  • and much more!

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Date Duration Member/
02/13 2 day(s) $417/ $695 Sacramento, 180 Promenade Circle Register >
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