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Name: Women in Business Communications Luncheon
Date: 12/07/2017, 1 day(s)
Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Place: Metropolitan Club, San Francisco
Price: Member - $45
Non-Member - $59

Girls Just Gotta Have Funds - 5 Steps to Becoming a Wealthier Women

Do you feel steady and secure when it comes to your financial future? Although 78% of women say they have developed a retirement plan, for instance, only 29% say they are confident that they are doing a good job of planning for it. In a time when the future of retirement is uncertain, it's crucial to take ahold of your plan now.

When it comes to your finances, knowledge is power. Sarah Tolson Kim, Certified Financial Planner and founder of Girls Just Want to Have Funds, hosts a unique and powerful talk where she discusses topics such as how to plan for retirement, taxes, investments, stock market indexes and ROTH IRAs, long term care, social security and more. You'll learn about topics you may not have thought about yet (or want to) so you can truly empower yourself financially and be successful for the long-term.

In this luncheon, 5 Steps to Becoming a Wealthier Woman, you'll learn:

1. The Fundamentals of Investments and Taxes
Do you know where your money is currently invested? Sarah go over bank accounts, CDs, retirement plans, college plans, life insurance policies, stock market indexes and brokerage accounts.

2. How to Understand Your Retirement Plan
Learn the different types of plans: workplace 401Ks, IRAs, SEP, and Single K, and what it means to invest earlier vs. later.

3. How to Name Your Future Goals
She'll guide you through a future visualization: where do you want to be in 1, 5 and 10 years from now? How would you like to retire? Do you want to travel? Would you like to volunteer? And then you'll be guided through actionable steps to get there.

4. How to Develop a Health Care Strategy
You'll learn how to navigate health care at a time when costs are rising: what does it mean for women specifically? Why does it matter? What does long term care look like in the Bay Area?

5. How to Set up Social Security
She'll go over both the history and future of social security, including how much you will get, earnings history, age when benefits are claimed, marital status and longevity.

About Sarah Tolson Kim
Sarah Tolson Kim, certified financial planner, has focused her practice on helping women and their families become financially savvy by founding Girls Just Want to Have Funds. In addition to legal and tax advice, she provides business and estate planning programs as well as family lifetime needs planning such as college and retirement strategies. Ms. Tolson is the Principal Partner at Blomberg & Tolson Financial Planning and Insurance Services with offices in San Francisco, Walnut Creek and Danville, CA. She is a second-generation financial planner and founded the women's seminar series Girls Just Want to Have Funds in 2008.

Event Details
Held at the exclusive The Metropolitan Club, a private women's club, is located in the heart of San Francisco's Nob Hill district within walking distance of the renowned Union Square, the iconic cable cars, and the famed Dragon Gates of Chinatown. Reservation includes lunch, speaker, and a chance to network with women in business.

HOLIDAY RAFFLE Prizes include a Fitbit Charge 2 HR, an Amazon Echo, a limited edition serigraph by Hélène Paulette Côté, as well as other items. Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25. Prizes will be awarded at the Luncheon.


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12/07 1 day(s) $45/ $59 Metropolitan Club, San Francisco Register >
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