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Program Manager: Barbara Silverman + Editor: Noel Jeffrey   July 1, 2018
New Independent Contractor Definition Emerges »
With the recent California Supreme Court decision about independent contractors, employers must now examine their employee classifications to ensure they are in compliance. This now means employers are held to a higher standard when trying to hire independent contractors. The 'gig" or "on-demand" economy has now been put on notice. The California Supreme Court held that it is the burden of the employer to establish that a worker is an independent contractor who was not intended to be included within the applicable wage order's coverage. To meet this burden, the employer must now establish each of 3 factors, commonly known as the "ABC test." You can read more about this online. Please direct your questions to VMA's Human Resource consultant, Cheryl Chong, 800.659.3363 or cherly@vma.bz. MORE

Energize your business with strategies to boost your competitive position and bottom line At the PRIMIR Insights Conference, you will learn to leverage the evolving graphic communications industry landscape to your advantage. MORE

10 Myths About Graphic Design »
While some myths are hilarious and particularly harmless, there are other myths that are annoying and generally unhelpful in the understanding of clients to graphic design and graphic designers. In a quest to demystify these myths UCreative made a cool infographic to share that will help people understand what graphic design and being a graphic designer really is. The original appeared on youthedesigner. MORE

Adobe Revives Fonts from Legendary Bauhaus Design Masters »
Adobe has launched 'The Hidden Treasures Bauhaus Dessau,' a campaign that will bring to life nearly century old original typography sketches and unpublished letter fragments from legendary Bauhaus design masters that were rediscovered and completed to inspire the next generation of creatives. Bauhaus Dessau, the world famous school of design, was closed in 1932 by the National Socialist Party leaving behind unfinished masterpieces, created by legendary design masters: Xanti Schawinsky, Joost Schmidt, Carl Marx, Alfred Arndt, and Reinhold Rossig. MORE

Art Apps, Instagram, and the "Democratization" of Creativity »
Let's be honest, art prizes are ten a penny. But back in January, a new prize launched that caught my eye among the, ahem, competition: one that only accepted entries via an app. It's an intriguing prospect, and became even more so when I saw the shortlisted work: much of it was conceptual, a lot of it site-specific. None of it was the pastel-y, art-directed-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life fodder that's so usually the art darling of Instagram. The four shortlisted artists were ideas-driven, making complex work that frankly you'd be likely to scroll past if interacting with them in the usual way we consume art through image-led apps. By Emily Gosling. MORE

Nike's Track + Field Branding Based on Acceleration Arrows »
The arrow markings found on athletic tracks form the basis of Studio Build's updated visual identity for Nike's Track + Field clothing line. The rebrand's "fresh and punchy" visuals feature a succession of arrows, which resemble the acceleration graphics used on athletic fields. Leeds-based creative agency Studio Build wanted to create an updated version of the original branding that it created for the Track + Field line in 2016, which took design cues from track-line markings. MORE

A Gentleman's Guide to Classic Cocktails »
Like many things, the notion of the gentleman who knows his Gin Gimlets from his Cosmopolitans may be a thing of the past. But ladies AND gentlemen both will find something to savor in this set of elegant cocktail recipe cards produced exclusively for Ellicott & Co. Inspired by maker communities across the USA, Ellicott & Co.'s mission is to provide uncommon, heritage inspired goods for the modern man. How interesting, then, that something that is digitally printed can also be considered a product of the "maker" movement. MORE

The New US Dollar »
We don't know much about these designs other than they appear to be created by AVGUST DESIGN of Minsk, Belarus. We just had to share. No matter your politics, these are elegant. Check them all out online. MORE

Sex and the City Anniversary Poster — 69 Most Memorable Looks »
Graphic designers eurydyka kata and rafal szczawinski, founders of re:design, celebrate sex and the city's 20 anniversary with a poster featuring main character carrie bradshaw's 69 most important looks. 'We often celebrate things and shows that have been important to us with posters and we felt carrie deserves this recognition,' the designers mention. As this year marks the 20th anniversary of sex and the city, the studio decided to celebrate one of the cult shows of the late 90s/early 20s that changed the way people talk about sex and female friendship on TV. The poster features outfits which were somehow connected with the show's plot and reflect the various events that happened in carrie and her friends' lives. MORE

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