Visual Media Guide

2014 Continues the Two VMguide Format
For that past 27 years the Buyers Guide has been Northern California's premier directory of visual media resources. It was rebranded for the 2010 edition to Visual Media Guide (VMguide), reflecting the association's widening focus and name change. In 2013, to better reach buyers, we changed to the two version format.

Visual Media Guide — Members Edition
This edition most resembles the original Guide. It lists all the members of Visual Media Alliance and provides contact information, company description, equipment and the products and services for each member. All members receive a free listing in the guide. The only advertising that will be included in the guide are the three tabs. About VMA, Products and Services Index and Member Listings and the Trade Graphic Finishers Insert. This edition will be mailed to 1,000 members and will be accompanied by the Buyers Edition.

Visual Media Guide — Buyers Edition
The Buyers Edition will provide members with space to advertise in a publication focused on potential buyers. This edition will be 88 pages, printed in full color, perfect bound and mailed to 8,000 potential buyers, with the January edition of our new and very successful magazine, "Process". It will provide company descriptions and contact information for advertisers only and ads ranging from logo ads to full page ads. It will also include a list of all members and the URL for each company's VM Access page. A variety of advertising packages including ads in "Process" magazine are available.

Online Visual Media Guide
There is a web version of this directory as well. Each member company has a page on this site containing the same information as the printed guide. Advertisers will have their company logo placed on their VM Access page. Performing over 5,000 targeted searches a month; the online version provides visitors with more information about print and creative companies than any other online directory, making it fast and easy for prospects to find the right visual media resource every time.

Use the Guide to Get Your Company Seen
Visual Media Guide provides a significant opportunity to be seen all year by current and potential customers. A full range of advertising options in the Buyers Edition is available to members, from a simple logo ad to packages of ads in both the VMguide and "Process" magazine.

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