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Staff and Program Directory
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Contact Name Position Member Services Email Phone
Amanda Peterson Benefits Admin
admanda@vma.bz (415) 489-7613
Andrew Flynn temp
Barbara Silverman Education Director Education
Hands-On Workshops
Custom Training
One-on-One Classes
Multiple-Week Classes
barbara@vma.bz (415) 489-7608
Crystal Carlson Customer Service Rep, VMA Insurance Services
crystal@vma.bz (415) 489-7604
Dan Nelson President Preference for Print
dan@vma.bz (415) 489-7617
David Katz Vice President, VMA Insurance Services Insurance
Business Insurance
Health Care Reform
david@vma.bz (415) 489-7614
Deirdre Ross Account Manager
Diedra Lovan Health Plan Administrator
diedra@vma.bz (415) 489-7606
Emily Gotladera Financial Manager
emily@vma.bz (415) 489-7610
Gabrielle Disario Graphic Designer Promote My Company Suite
Visual Media Guide
VMAccess.org Directory
gabrielle@vma.bz (800) 659-3363
Gerry Bonetto Government Affairs Director Government Advocacy
Government Affairs - California
Government Affairs - National
Government Relations Publications
PIC (Printing Industries of California)
WatchDog: Gov't Affairs
gerry@vma.bz (909) 214-0944
Greg Golin Supplemental Benefits Director Supplemental Insurance
greg@vma.bz (650) 274-4734
Ian Flynn Projects Mgr
Jessica Clark Program Administrator Labor Posters
Sales Compensation Survey
Member Interest Survey
Wage + Benefits Survey
Member Interest Survey
jessica@vma.bz (800) 659-3363
Jim Frey Program Director Publication Advertising
Sales Club
FSC Certification
jfrey@vma.bz (415) 489-7615
Jimmie Thompson Benefits Account Manager
jimmie@vma.bz (415) 489-7624
John Caywood
Jonah Parsons Event Director
Laura Vargas Member Programs Director Constructive Cocktails
Social Events
VMA Design Conference
Golf Tournament
Baseball Tailgate & Game
Crab Feed
VMA Showcase Awards
Lunch & Learn
Networking Events
laura@vma.bz (415) 489-7625
Lena Nelson Health Plan Coordinator Health Forms/Plans
Health Insurance (Group)
lena@vma.bz (415) 489-7618
Maria Salita Accounting Specialist
maria@vma.bz (415) 489-7602
Mary McCarthy IS Manager
mary@vma.bz (415) 495-8242
May Suen Project Manager Resource Library
Staff Directory
Events Photo Gallery
may@vma.bz (800) 659-3363
Noel Jeffrey Editor Mediawise
noeljeff1@earthlink.net (800) 659-3363
Paula Larink VP Creative Services
paula@vma.bz 4154897626
Renee Prescott Customer Service Rep, VMA Insurance Services
renee@vma.bz (415) 489-7619
Shannon Wolford Membership Sales Company VMA Benefits
Individual VMA Benefits
Resources for Buyers
Visual Media Guide
VMAccess.org Directory
Join VMA
shannon@vma.bz (415) 710-0568
Sonali Shah Marketing Manager
Stephen Vick Membership Sales
stephen@vma.bz (415) 495-8242
Sue Benavente Customer Service Rep, VMA Insurance Services Cash Management Suite
Human Resources Suite
Financial Management Suite
Group Discount Suite
Health Insurance (Group)
VMA Care Suite
Experian Reports
SlowPay Credit Reporting
Demand Letter
Collection Services
View Job Applicants
View Job Openings
Temp Staffing - Semper
Payroll - Trax Payroll
Shop Towels
More Discounts
Get a Health Quote
Submit an Opening
Online Bookstore
Pension Solutions
Group Discount Suite
Publications & Resources
sue@vma.bz (415) 489-7622
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